_______________________________________________________HERS TESTING________________________________________________________

New Construction Title 24

Insulation by the Pink Panther

Each project is different for new construction the Title 24 report provides which measures need to be verified. A copy of the report should be on hand to determine which measures need to be tested.


Refrigerant Charge Test RCA








When a duct test is required for HERS verification and the system has Air Conditioning the system must be tested for Refrigerant Charge and Air Flow and Fan Watt Draw or RCA


Duct Testing

Duct Blaster







Using title 24 protocols we test duct leakage to determine a pass or fail test. Duct testing is sometimes required for new HVAC systems for change outs or Alterations and New construction


Energy Efficient Mortgages.


The EEM is a tremendous tool for FHA borrowers to install energy efficient upgrades to the purchase of exiting housing stock. The borrower automatically qualifies for the program when the features lifecycle cost have a positive impact


Energy Star and Air Plus Rating

Energy Star Logo







Energy Star and Air Plus are nationally recognized brands developed by the Department of Energy. This label assures consumers that the product adheres to a rigorous National Standard enhancing value now and for years to come


New Solar Home Program

Solmetric Suneye







The New Solar Homes program provides rebate opportunities for Builders and Custom Home builders and their clients to qualify for rebates

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